going brrrrrr

So, one of the first thing that we need when dealing with reverse engineering are tools. Can't do much without them!

Some of the tools that I like to use are:

  • Kali Linux (Yes, I'm counting it as a tool as much as an Operating System. Live with it :) )

  • Radare2 and its family

  • Ghidra

Those are my main tools for reversing a binary. So, lets get them installed onto our machine. -> I've covered how to install these tools here‚Äč

Other tools that I haven't used, but you may be familiar with them are:

  • IDA (Pro)

  • Hopper

  • dnSpy

  • Ollydbg

  • Binary Ninja

And many more that I haven't heard of!

Once we've got everything set up, we're good to go!