Tools Setup

Radare 2

Kali comes pre-installed with radare2. You can check by doing:
$ radare2 --version
If it's not installed, then we can either download it from apt
$ apt-get install radare2


Or you can install it from github:
$ git clone
$ cd radare2
$ sys/
(Or without root permissions)
$ sys/
And then to run it:
$ r2


Ghidra is a tool that the NSA released for it to be open source back in April 2019, and it's an amazing tool.\
The software needed to install ghidra is as follows (taken exactly from the installation guide):\
  • Java 11 64-bit Runtime and Development Kit (JDK)
  • Free long term support (LTS) versions of JDK 11 are provided here:
    • AdoptOpenJDK
    • Amazon Corretto
If, for whatever reason, your installation doesn't go as expected, here is ghidra's troubleshooting page:


Once you've downloaded ghidra as a zip file, you need to unzip:
$ unzip ghidra_*_PUBLIC_*.zip
$ sudo apt-get install default-jdk
Change directories into the ghidra folder, and then run using
$ ./ghidraRun


Extract the zip file to any location that you would like (I'm going to be using the desktop)
  • Right click on zip -> extract all / extract (here)
Open the Environment Tables window:
  • Right click on windows start button -> Click on "System"
  • Click "Advanced System Settings" on the left (Administrative priveleges needed)
  • Click "Environment Variables" at the bottom
Add the JDK bin directory to the PATH variable
  • Under "System Variables", click "Path" -> edit -> new
  • Type the path of where you extracted the zip to + "\bin"
  • Click "ok" -> "ok" -> "ok"
To run:
  • Navigate to zip extraction path
  • Run ghidra.bat
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