All we had to find was a'/a and apply it on b'wb to get a'b'wba to get our solution but reversing it to achieve fewest moves. i did a'waw' to find the differences between the 2 scrambles. luckily only corners were affected so i can take less time. i then analysed the movement of corners swaps of w and represented them in Old Pochmann notation: ANTXPDGJ afterwards i mapped out the corner swaps of a'wa also represented in Old Pochmann notation: AMPHFNLO then i got a sheet of paper and mapped out a'wa corner pieces onto the corner swaps of w to find the setup move (a = B U B U D' F' L2 F U2 L2 U' L2 D F2 U2 F2 U' B2). After filling the cube corners out i plugged it into the rubiks cube solver to get a. i applied it onto b'wb and then plug it into the rubiks cube solver again and reverse the solution to get the flag.

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