the rc4 alg is perfect and works as intended however the key gen is flawed

def generate_key():
    key = [KeyByteHolder(0)] * 8 # TODO: increase key length for more security?
    for i, c in enumerate(take(flag, 8)): # use top secret master password to encrypt all passwords
        key[i].num = c
    return key

As you can see in python it multiplies the key by 8 which from when i learned from making my maze alg, means changing one val changes all of the others at the same time. this creates a key thats 8 repeats of the same char. i brute forced this and checked it to get the correct char.

the output gives repeat of fptdics_htaopps}ysnnp{idtsltu_idr_aoug_iy and creates


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