Extract red pixel vals from each frame (last bit) go to day's site


copy code with adjustments. convert output to text and bam!


def main():
    from PIL import Image, ImageFilter

    def openshit(filename):
        # Open image file
        im = Image.open(filename)

        print("\n** Analysing image **\n")

        # Display image format, size, colour mode
        print("Format:", im.format, "\nWidth:", im.width, "\nHeight:", im.height, "\nMode:", im.mode)

        # Check if GIF is animated
        frames = im.n_frames

        print("Number of frames: " + str(frames))
        print("\n** Converting image **\n")

        alls = []
        # Iterate through frames and pixels, top row first
        for z in range(frames):
            # Go to frame
            rgb_im = im.convert('RGB')
            # print("Frame: ", im.tell())

            pixels = list(rgb_im.getdata())

            a = int("".join([str(r[0]%2) for r in pixels]),2)
            # print("--------------------------------------")
            # print(a)
            # print("--------------------------------------")

        return alls

    alln = openshit("n.gif")
    alle = openshit("e.gif")
    allc = openshit("new_c.gif")

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