Caesar Mirror

So you're given 2 blocks of text, one is caesar cipher, offset 13 encrypted, and the other is reversed text, than caesar cipher with offset 13.

Put them together alternatively(one from one block,one from the other, read second block from bottom to top) and you get this:

Oh boy! Wow, this warmup challenge sure was a lot of fun to put together! I so definitely absolutely always love trying to think up new and innovative things to do with the very basic, common and classic CTF techniques! The first part of your flag is flag{julius and that is a great start but it is not everything that you will need to solve this challenge. I don't like trying to hide and . separate each part of the flag. The second part of the flag is _in_a but you do need just a little bit more. What exactly should we include here to try and make this filler text look more engaging and worthwhile? Should we add newlines? Should we add spaces and try and make it symmetrical? How many lines is enough to make this filler text look believable? A solid square of letters within a simple, monospace-font text file looks good enough to me. Are we almost at the end? It looks like it! I hope it is good. The third part of your flag is reflection} and at this point you should have everything

Combine flag{julius_, _in_a_ and reflection}, and you get your flag


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