snakes everywhere

This was actually readable byte code.

Had trouble understanding for loops but now it makes sense.

In general this is what it actually was.

I just undid the operations and got flag (had trouble with nums out of range but fixed with %256.

ef crypt():
    for i in range(len(flag)//3):
        ct += chr(ord(key[i])*ord(flag[i])-i)

    for i in range(len(flag)//3,len(flag)//3*2):
        ct += chr(ord(flag[i])*ord(key[i%len(key)])+i)

    for i in range(len(key)//2,len(flag)):
        ct += key[i%16]^flag[i]

zh3r0{Python_disass3mbly_is v3ry_E4sy}

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