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Windows 7 sp1 x64 memdump By grepping for urls, we can find Command history shows us the credentials with a username and password, and also the name of a deleted file. We download this file: _4nd_y0u_w1ll_n3v3r_f1nd_m333} We now see that mstsc is running, which is the rdp client. I used filescan to search for open files, and found an the rdp cache file. We can use to parse it, and get 128 tiles from the image. By piecing this together (thanks will) we get the first half of the flag: tjctf{c00k1e_m0n5t3r_w4s_h3r3

Flag: tjctf{c00k1e_m0n5t3r_w4s_h3r3_4nd_y0u_w1ll_n3v3r_f1nd_m333}

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