There is a function called "shell". This function loads rdi into rbp-8, checks it against the value 0xdeadcafebabebeef, and if the check is successful it pops a shell for us. Clearly, our goal is to call this function.

In main, there is a gets call. It reads as much input as we want into rbp-0xa, opening up an avenue for buffer overflow. As the saved rbp is 8 bytes long, our padding will be 0xa + 8 bytes of junk.

We could use a pop rdi gadget so that the check works properly, but there's no need. Instead, we can jump straight to the instruction inside of shell that pops a shell for us.

So our payload is just padding + address of instruction in shell that pops a shell

from pwn import *
NUM_TO_RET = 0xa + 8
padding = b'A' * NUM_TO_RET
payload = flat(padding,0x4006e3, word_size=64)
p = remote('',8009)

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