• http.request.method == GET on wireshark

  • Export Objects > HTTP > git-receive-pack

  • Create a new git repo

  • Place in the git repo

  • Open in hex editor and fix the file header to be just 'PACK' at the beginning (remove all the crap)

  • Now git unpack-objects < git-receive-pack

  • Navigate to objects folder, here there are 3 git objects:

    • a commit

    • a tree file

    • a blob file

  • Decompress the zlib blob file with: python -c "import zlib; print zlib.decompress(open('3f47cbcb3ad8e946d0aad59259bdb1bc9e63f2').read());" > flag.jpg

  • Open the file up in a hex editor and remove the first few bytes so the header is a jpeg header

  • Open it up for the flag


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