Really Secret Algorithm

More of a rev really :/

Simple first step is to extract all the b85 encoded values as bytes. The ct and e are just b85 encoded, so we can store those for later use with rsactftool

P and Q on the other hand are treated differently. They are xored with a variable called 's' (state) using 'walrus operators'. The function can be expressed as:


The encrypted bytes of p and q are also interleaved throughout the value we receive. As XOR is commutative and s is XORed with the value we have just recovered, we can simply run the script again to recover the original values for p and q, making sure to use the recovered values of p and q bytes to update the state. We recover primes


Plugging our data into RsaCtfTool yields:

Flag: ractf{DoY0uLik3MyW4lrus35}

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